4 summer-appropriate pairs of jeans for men

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The vast denim industry and the essential men’s jeans you should always have in your closet were revealed to you last week. Did you believe that was the end? No, I’ll give you some advice today to assist you navigate the vast denim industry with confidence. We will discuss four different sorts of jeans in particular that you can wear this summer.

Jeans are suitable all year, but you can’t use the same ones you used in January in the middle of July, don’t you think? What matters is first of all evaluating the type of cotton denim with which they are made, then the fit, the shape, the colors and the patterns.

Free your imagination and you will discover that there aren’t just blue jeans for men!

Loose fit jeans

The loose fit is the first style that you must have in your summer wardrobe for two reasons: first, they are rather large (so they don’t stick to the legs on these hot days!) fashionable, too.

It goes without saying that you’ll need to select the best denim cotton for their production; summer denim ought to be lighter and softer than winter denim.

Color is also significant; while males may always rely on the traditional blue pair of jeans, I advise trying the lighter shade. As evidenced by Rheginhald and Amir’s attire, loose-fitting jeans for men are appropriate for both daytime and nighttime wear.

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White jeans

The summer wardrobe for males must include white pants. Of course, having them is one thing; wearing them stylishly and not appearing like an ice cream maker or a newly discharged nurse is quite another.

To be safe, pair white pants with a loose-fitting linen shirt (that isn’t white, either!) or a short-sleeved shirt that isn’t tucked in. White jeans are frequently worn for formal events with dress shoes and dress shirts, but wearing them with more casual clothing, such sandals, would make you look really stylish.

Chris looks so young and fresh overall that he might pass for a man in his 20s! Sam also has a highly fashionable “contemporary Sampei” appearance.

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Printed jeans

Summer is the season for color, so stop making excuses and get at least one pair of printed jeans! Don’t be afraid to choose traditional blue jeans for men with colored prints, multicolored jeans, or specific patterns.
Since 2021, printed jeans—especially those with a relaxed cut and a neutral color—have been a hot style. The most intriguing fashions are being made with printed denim, which is showing up in countless forms.
Tie-dye jeans, like the ones Asher is wearing with their lovely blue and white decorations, are the most common type of printed denim. His choice to wear a cream-colored denim jacket with it, in keeping with the “denim on denim” fashion trend, is another factor that makes his outfit stand out. Chris’s military print jeans are gorgeous and I also like them.

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Bermuda jeans

Denim Bermuda shorts are the ideal pair of jeans for men to wear this summer. The style and appearance for the upcoming few months will be improved by these above-the-knee shorts. They are easily combinable with an infinite number of wardrobe items thanks to their usefulness and adaptability.

It’s crucial to select the appropriate fit for the situation. For example, if Bermuda shorts are permitted, I would choose a simple cut with a very narrow fit in dark denim that doesn’t have any rips or designs for more formal events.

without rips or patterns.

I have selected for you two basic looks that are easy to reinterpret for you. The first is that of Tim, who combined a striped shirt and sneakers with bermuda jeans: simple, casual and stylish. The second look is even more basic and perfect for the summer: Robin wears a white t-shirt and Veja sneakers. Remember that simplicity and class are always appreciated, especially in fashion.

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