4 summer dress color trends for 2022

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We discussed dresses for ladies to wear this July last week, and today we’ll talk about a subject I really enjoy: the color trends for summer dresses in 2022.

It takes more than simply the style of clothing you wear, its shape, and the manufacturer’s name to be fashionable. We want to provide you some tips so that you may make the best color choice for the clothing you purchase. This is a crucial first step.

Furthermore, this summer it will be particularly fun for you to play with colors, since the colors for spring-summer 2022 are mostly strong and cheerful.

From the latest trends to evergreens, here are the colors that you’ll love for your summer dresses!

Neon colors to spice up your looks

It is very obvious from recent fashion weeks that neon colors will dominate summer 2022. Fuchsia, green, electric blue, orange, and yellow are a few of the spring/summer fashion colors of this year that will dazzle under the sun’s rays and the setting sun over the sea.

Cerulean blue, which sits between light blue and classic blue and is reminiscent of the color of a clear sky, is one of the season’s key colors. Ipec wore this color in a little dress.

Another color that has been popular is lime green. From Versace to Prada, from Valentino to Bottega Veneta, lime dresses and accessories are a summertime must-have. A color that can’t be missed

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The color of the year 2022 is purple

The Pantone Institute has designated the shade of periwinkle blue with a purple and red undertone known as “Very Peri” as the color of 2022.

This shade of purple has dominated the most significant catwalks for the spring-summer 2022 collections ever since it was named the color of the year. In contrast to recent years, when the traditional shade of purple has remained in the background of fashion, this specific hue is now in the forefront.

No matter the length, material, or cut, dresses of this hue cannot be missing from your closets. They are bold and determined, feminine and unique.

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Pastel colors are always a good idea

Pastel hues come in second on the list of the most popular colors, right after bright ones. Despite not being a trend this year, they have always been associated with the spirit of the spring and summer and will therefore never go out of style during these seasons.

Your appearance will be light and delicate when you wear pastel-colored dresses, which are ideal for blending with other colors and are particularly appropriate for women’s cocktail and formal attire.

Light blue is one of the most stunning pastel colors, and it will make you stand out in any situation and at any age. I adore how Jasmijn’s satin slip dress is so feminine, and how she matched it with sandals of the same hue.

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White dresses are forever

How would a summer without white dresses be? White dresses, which can be made of silk, cotton, or linen, are a fundamental component of the summer wardrobe. They are light, delicate, and romantic. Summer dresses in white are always in trend.

Perfect for any occasion, appropriate for tanned skin, and especially fantastic when worn with sandals. You will look chic and fashionable and leave a lasting impression whether you choose a long dress with heels like Rochelle Humes or a small wrap dress with a basic cut like the one Nina wore with flat sandals.

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